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English Subs for JTTW 1996

Time Before Time - Episodes 1-3 Released (English Soft-Subs)

Hi Everyone!

Guess what? Yup, you've seen it right, SWK Fansub's newest project 'Time Before Time' is up and running!

Episodes 1-3 is ready for your viewing pleasure, please head here for the links.

I've decided to keep it as soft-subs this time because of 2 reasons:

1. The only good quality version I could find is in mkv format. Which means you can view this drama in either cantonese or mandarin (just select the audio that you want to watch it in). Keep in mind the subs were timed to the cantonese version.

2. From episodes 2 onwards, I've been translating solo which means I could only base it on the vietnamese dubbing. This means that maybe some jokes or puns were missed in the cantonese version. If anybody out there who is watching this sees any discrepancy between the subs and what was being said (and maybe even song lyrics!) then feel free to let me know. I can fix the subs and reupload again.

I hope you enjoy this series as much as you did with JTTW. This one is considered one of TVB's classics and an old-time favourite of mine that I've been dying to share with you all =D If you have any questions, as always leave a comment below.

Stay safe,


*Also, a special thank you to iloveblee who had helped kick-started Time Before Time with me wayyy back =)

Journey To The West 2 1998 RAW
Happy Easter Everyone!

It's been a little over a year since my last post. As promised, I've finally uploaded all the RAW episodes of JTTW 2 1998. Go here for the links.

My next goal is to upload the songs that all of you have requested. I'll try to find as much songs as I can =)

Also, to update everyone what I've been doing for the past year - I've been working on Time Before Time. It's...well, I can say 50% done =D I will be making a separate post about this drama soon, so stay tuned!

Thank you everyone for your encouraging comments! I do apologies for my late responses and will try to update as often as I could.

Stay safe everyone!

- missjade


Hi Everyone,

For some unknown reason the links in our download section went haywire and disappeared for the past few weeks.

Links will be slowly restored in the next few days. Please be patient with me.

As there have been many requests for this, I'm also uploading Journey To The West 2 1998. However, please keep in mind that it will be RAW version only as subtitles are unavailable and SWKFansubs will not be working on it. Unless there are translators who are willing to volunteer to help translate from cantonese to english, please contact us. Our email: swkfansubs@hotmail.com

Also we're recruiting! Is there anyone who is interested in being a Quality Checker? Must know cantonese, experience not needed. Apply to the email above.

Stay safe everyone,



Episodes 28, 29, 30 Released! (Project Complete)
Hello Everyone!

It's been 5 long years but we've finally made it! Journey To The West 1996 fansubbing project is now officially completed! 

Head over to the Projects section to get the links! 

A big thank you to everyone who helped with this in the past years, especially to: 

Mgfcortez, Flick, Yuen, Leo, Vensak, Lucario, hurricanejulie, munchmunch, Kae, Emily, Adrian, Hinoki, AzureBluePhoenix, Yuki

And a special message from our QC, AzureBluePhoenix:
Thank you everyone for your support. I joined the group as a qc midway through the journey to subbing and it has been full of smiles, tears, sweat and blood. I'm glad everyone has enjoyed the series and went this far with us on the journey to the west! Let's meet again on another journey, since the journey of dramas never end (horrible joke is horrible haha). 

Another huge thank you to all who have contributed download links and helped with the music section! Please continue to check out the music section because it will still be ongoing. 

And once again, thank you to all our viewers who have stuck with us till the very end. No matter if you were with us since 2008 or just joined in halfway or just found about us now, thank you for being there with us. You are wonderful and lovely people that any fansubbing group could ever ask for. We hope you enjoy the last three episodes of JTTW 1996 and let's meet again soon! 

Just one more rule before we go: Please and we can not stress this enough, please DO NOT upload to streaming sites without our permission. Thank you to those who have been on the lookout for us and informing us of the series being streamed online.

Announcing new project: As we've always stated JTTW 1998 is always a potential project to go ahead, however not enough people is available to fill in the translating position. We will keep you updated.

On the other hand, we do have another project in mind. Here's a synopsis of the series:

Time Before Time (大鬧廣昌隆) (1997)

By accident, Hui Dai Kwong (Lam Ka-Tung), a coolie at the rumored haunted business store 'Kwong Cheong Lung', releases a female ghost named Fu Yung (Kathy Chau) from an oil-paper umbrella and completely changes his own life.

It turns out that Fu Yung was once a song girl loved by the late Luk Wan Kwong, formerly one of the three bosses of 'Kwong Cheong Lung', who died with Fu Yung 20 years ago. With the help of Dai Kwong, a dead ringer for Wan Kwong, Fu Yung continues to search for her lover by retelling her tragic life and love story through the radio, while, as time passes, Dai Kwong develops deep feelings for this beautiful, kind-hearted ghost.

Let us know by commenting whether you are interested to see this :) 

Take care,

- SWKFansubs -

Episode 26 and 27 Released
Ni Hao! 

...and we're back! And we know what you've been waiting for so come check out the new episodes right here

We're now down to our last three episodes. Thank you everyone for the support and encouragement in our comments section. Truthfully, this double release was delayed for awhile due to unforeseen circumstances in our private lives but we've managed to find the time (finally) to get these episodes polished (to the best of our ability) and have them ready for you all. 

We hope you all enjoy the last distance of our journey...not too far now. We're almost there! 

We would like to end our post by reiterating a few points: 

- Please refrain from asking when the next release will be as we do not know ourselves. It will be released when it is ready. That said, you can always drop a comment anytime about anything and it's like an encouragement and motivation for us. You can even talk about the weather and we're happy :) 

- Also we are more than happy to see that more people are spreading their love for the show by contributing songs/background music etc. in our posts. Thank you! 

- This is an update about JTTW 2. We've received a few messages from people who are interested to help out, however it is still not enough to guarantee a group will be available for subbing the entire series as yet. To those who expressed interest in helping out, we will contact you soon. So our official stance for JTTW 2 is still: No plans.

- If you like to be informed of the moment we make a new post/update there are many ways to do this. Through twitter, rss, through email (feedburner) and if you have a livejournal account you can add us as a friend. All of these links can be found on the right hand side of our main homepage.

Alright everyone! That's it for us now. See you next episode!


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